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Our video interview software is loaded with easy-to-use features that help you do your job better.

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OnDemand Conference Upto 25 participants with recording feature








Why Us

  • Recruiting plateform with best facility video/audio/MCQ/Subjective candidate assessments Handy for recruiter, hiring manager to evaluate candidates and making them onboard in just one week rather than 3 months into their manual hiring process
  • Access to huge database of worthy candidates, It will take your company many resources in terms of time and money to go through the whole recruitment process in detail. Moreover, in due time, most of the invested resources prove to be negligible because recruitments do not happen daily
  • Question bank of versatile and huge number of questions of all difficulty level, So as to filter the candidates and get the best one into your team
  • Conference as add-on service for your business meetings, employee/remote team trainings.Stay connected with your team in no cost

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